Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry!

Whatever the holiday is that you celebrate, including your au pair can be a wondrous experience.
The Weissman family are Jewish and were happy to include their au pair, Deniska who is Christian in all of their religious holidays, including Hannakah.
The Weissmans bought a small Christmas tree for Deniska's room, which made her feel loved, thought of and so very happy to be able to feel the Christmas spirit.

Each of them expressed the details of the holiday and what it means to them.
Au Pair Care is not a babysitting service. We take great pride in blending cultures and cultural awareness. These great people came together, got to know one another and shared in all things that made them who they are, and that included their religious beliefs.

Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry!
Whatever you celebrate.

I wish you joy, peace, love and unity,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Imagine Your Life With An Au Pair

Hello. Welcome to my new blog-spot!
My name is Kim Gamelli. I am the Southern New Jersey Area Director for Au Pair Care.

 I have worked for Au Pair Care for the past 9 years.  I love the work that I do. Being responsible for the management of 32 host families and their au pairs can be challenging but is also extremely rewarding.  Being organized and accessible is key. The connections I make with au pairs and their host families is fulfilling and continually energizes and inspires me.
I take pride in delivering excellent customer service. Because I am a parent myself, I understand that struggling with busy schedules and balancing priorities is a reality for all families.  I understand that when a parent is in crisis, or just having a rough day, that competent support is crucial. Parents have limited time that can’t be wasted making multiple phone calls or sitting on hold.  For this reason, I make myself available by cell phone at any time throughout the day. Every family is different. Every family has different needs. My job is to understand each host family’s unique circumstances and to be available to meet their needs.
When interviewing new hosts, it always interests me to learn about the uniqueness of each family and to hear about how an extra set of hands and loving heart will contribute to their home.  We also cover logistical and practical matters such as: reviewing the Department of State regulations, reviewing house rules, and going over expectation management.  Some of the regulations and paperwork can appear daunting, but it is my job to simply and streamline this process for my clients.
Arrival Orientations are always an exciting time, because I have the opportunity to meet the new au pair, who recently arrived and joined the family.  We review the expectations, rules, and schedules. The au pair is given the opportunity to share pictures of her natural family and stories of her home and culture.

Party Planning is an important part of my job too! Each month, I organize a gathering for the au pairs. This gives the au pairs, the opportunity to meet other au pairs in the area and to learn about the interesting spots such as the shopping mall, coffee shops, theaters and bowling centers.  Meetings range from small coffee groups at Panera’s or Starbucks to large, festive holiday parties. The biggest of monthly events is always held in September. This is when we host our Annual Host Family and Au Pair International Picnic. Every year, all host families and au pairs come together to indulge in a variety of ethnic cuisines, get to know more about others in the program, play games, win prizes, and, most importantly, have a great time!

One of the most important lessons I have gained through the work I do is the value of each individual’s life story.  We all have unique stories of joy, pain, hardships and laughter.  Au Pair Care creates a warm and inviting community wherein individuals and families can feel confident in their childcare choice, share their unique journeys with others and become part of a greater and global family network. I invite you to join us too!

Warm Regards,